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    and unintended to be published, her family and friends decided to have them published as a collection titled “Nandithayude Kavithakal” (Poems of Nanditha). Nandithayude Kavithakal. Description; Reviews (9). Collection of complete poems by Nanditha K S in Malayalam and English. She committed suicide at the age. Nandithayude Kavithakal Paperback – 30 Jan This item:Nandithayude Kavithakal by Nanditha K.S Paperback Rs. Collection of complete poems by Nanditha K S in Malayalam and English.

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    Nandithayude Kavithakal Pdf

    All about Nandithayude Kavithakal by K.S. Nanditha. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Download Nandithayude Kavithakal apk for Android. Free Android App. Ente vrindavanam. Ennu Ormakalil ninne thirayugayaanu; Athinte oru konilirunnu . Njan ninne marakkan shramikkugayum. Hridayavum.

    Nanditha from Malayalam to English - Obed Ebenezer. S Introduction K. Nanditha was born on May 21, in Wayanad district, Kerala. She had been working as a lecturer at Muttil Muslim Orphanage Arts and Science College, when she committed suicide on 17th January After her death, her family discovered a series of poems that she had jotted down in her diary. A total of fifty eight poems- thirty one in Malayalam, and twenty seven in English were included in this volume. The poems speak of memories, love, anger, and most of all, death. I refrain from commenting on the themes, as it would do the readers better to discover it themselves. As much as I would have loved to include all the 31 translations of K. I have selected 12 poems as of now, which I have felt are apt to convey the intensity of emotions in her poetry. The rest of the poems will assuredly be translated soon.

    In the moist air While the moss creeps up Larvae hatch in the blood. Clutching the rotting, stinking pack Forgetting the destination Waiting only for the path to end, The travellers keep on plodding.

    Nanditha Krishna

    Blessed are they that stumble and fall For They achieve salvation. On an evening that dissolved into cold Aimlessly chatting about this and that I fell asleep Burying my face in his bosom. Memories were hued in the redness of your eyes. I woke up dissolved in red, leaning my head on your shoulders. My eyes are burning From the burst of the flame that glowed on the tip of your pen… I also had a vague awareness Of his shock that my eyes were melting into streams In the heat of his bosom.

    Even while sinking into the uncomplaining depths Wings have savage thirst. Does my head become damp? Unable to say no, Unable to lift my head, Unable to wrap your face in my arms And kiss your forehead hard, I sat.

    At the start of a long journey Horses without bridles prance about, And stepping into the furnace, they smoulder. Now where do we go … Now for me, a return journey.

    Chopping off the dreams That bloom in the infinity of the ocean Let me now return back. Abandoned battlefield Deserted trenches Crumbling glass-bangles Fading vermillion, The parched earth licks up The spilt love from the shattered clay pots. A smile trapped in the Edge of the garment; Moist eyes…. One more farewell Along with the running colours of the garment Soaked in bleach.

    I become alone again. Lakshmi, Vishnu's consort, cursed her to become a plant in the ground. However, Vishnu appeased her by giving her a boon that she would grace him when he appears in the form of Shaligrama a fossilised shell used as an icon of Vishnu in temples. Tearing streams of pain Sucking up the dew that oozed in the mind A Lotus bloomed; The offspring of knowledge And in the eyes of the mother who swooned and fell, Death.

    The sun spreads its flame To the smiling petals. While picking up the skulls that have started to crumble And trying in vain to determine the facial features Dreams, like quicksand Pull my legs downward Throwing my soiled losses Into a heap in a corner of this cave That chokes the breath with staleness Let me take leave… Why does the darkness that creeps in from beyond Hold me back… I want to escape to a world Where there are no smiling lips Below hate-filled eyes.

    Swatting aside the ferretting serpents And the whining mosquitoes around me Let me commence my journey…. In search of my roots. My birthday makes me restless. That day… On a piece of white paper with pale-blue lines You drew your thoughts And gave it to me as my birthday gift.

    It was fire in the tip of your pen, It melted me That day, it was clear daylight And the night was moonlit. Today, the sun becomes dim And the stars fade away. The pen that you threw away.

    At last, when I discovered that pen In between the stacks of old books The flame on its tip Had died! Related Papers. I like my bengali poet Rabindranath for you and the world for ever.

    By Tapas Bhattacharyya. Tender Leaves of Darkness. Then there is the shock of a gleaming rail And a whistle of an electric train. We trot along the naked stones Run, faster still, gasp The train runs past us Knees tremble, we stop, stare, freeze. The electric train runs past us. Thursday, June 21, What is that crack on the face? What is that crack on the face? A burrow? Rather a sneaky trench. You call it a smile?! I know That is amiability. Discipline them Or they get out of control Why not tear them out?

    Throw them on the rocks So that they would never sprout. They are to die with this century. Posted by Nandithayude Kavithakal at 2: Not all flowers are lilies. Not all flowers are lilies, indeed The angels of beauty. And remember Not all flowers are roses either. Given the choice Whom would you prefer? It is not the question of You body and soul. I would advice you To be true to yourself.

    Neon bulb with a future. Neon bulb with a future Burning on the other side of the road On the street, Cars and bikes sneer at each other. It is going to be war. The few, waiting to cross the road Are totally at a loss. They look at each other The look of a fading forget-me-not. They stay And walk down the street; On this side of the road. One day. One day My ears will rain into your heart, Soaking it, And would flow out Drawing white papers in crimson violet.

    I will keep on crying Till the husky murmers of the deep violet, Rattling the walls of a million hearts, Answers wordless queries Of awe-stricken fluttering eyes. One day….. My tears will rain into your heart My being shall be the fuel for your burning eyes. Fire, soft as a lily With its cool breath, Shall melt the frost, settled in my consciousness; And spread over the waters Setting the deep violet flaming, And creeping into the eyes Of the panting multitude Shall soon melt their frozen consciousness.

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    Defeat me, Would you? One has to rise from the fire And have burning eyes for that Your eyes are not even embers Better forget about that. And lets talk about reconciliation Beliefs wont shelter you. You are not the winner Nor am i. Disguisting, to pine away Letting nobody win. So, when fights take us nowhere Lets talk about reconciliation It is silence. It is silence It is peace Even the sounds suffice. Music in the air, Music in the mind, Music in the eyes You need only to hear.

    Rushing, searching, screaming Shudders all around Wait! Peace sinks in Music in the eyes Plaintive, overflows. Why do i feel like crying. Why do I feel like crying When tears fail me? I try to spit it out each morning But, as a mist gets into me In five different perspectives Is condensed and stuck in me.

    I hear, see and absorb. Each morning again I wake up With the fire inside me That seldom burns But chokes with its smoke. My heart, you fail. And my mind, you laugh. I am nothing, nobody here. A prisoner to escape bound. Blood boiling in to my eyes; When the hour is come I shall spit my eyes out. Till then I smoke, scatter and dissolve A prisoner to logic bound How could you plan to die,you fraud.

    How could you plan to die, you fraud Without consulting me? To beat me? It persisted It had my orders. When I was away You spy, you did it!

    Another worm. Posted by Nandithayude Kavithakal at 1: For My Grandmother. Fire in her hair Embers her eyes Swaying slides of air….. That unsympathetic morning She tucked a blanket around me. Steadily, no face left The skull gleam And no Hamlet persists……… What is left of the toe I keep as a marker And note down: She died young.

    New faces with old eyes. New faces with old eyes Slow comprehension defiant. The rest of the poems will assuredly be translated soon. The photographs of the poems in Malayalam have been added to the left of the translations in English.

    Reference: Nanditha, K. Nandithayude Kavithagal. Olive Publications, All the poems below have been translated into English by Obed Ebenezer. Prisoner The beads of sweat you wiped off from your forehead Fell on the edge of my garment And became stains. In your half-closed eyes I read the story of my losses. In your pleasant expression I knew my frailty achieved its identity. My sleep fading In your colourful dreams, My tears freezing in your smile, My fainting in your lack of emotion, Was all with my awareness.

    I had also wanted to escape; But….. I was a prisoner.

    Nandithayude Kavithakal

    Of my thoughts. You think About the love you never received. For you the earth is the mother You do not see the mother Who calls you with heart-rending cries. You are wandering. Searching for the father, Forsaking the mother…. Oh Man, What is the use of your wandering? Forgive me, I love you…. Your weathered face, Your projecting cheekbones, Your pale heart Forgive me. The wind blows furiously.

    The extinguished flame of the lamp within me awakes I spread like the wildfire. The smell of burnt hair The hissing and cracking of the bones, The melting flesh The grinning skull. I laugh Looking at the Earth trying to cover up her barrenness I laugh… Madly. The world laughs At your foolishness; And calls you insane.

    Those sharp eyes do not see anything. They do not see you. You are far away Beyond even a thousand miles.

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