When you upload a PDF ticket to a listing, if someone downloads it, you won't need to do anything else because the tickets are pre-delivered. The downloader can view the. If you list PDF tickets on StubHub, it's OK if you don't want to sell all the tickets in the file. You can split the file and choose which tickets to sell, and which to keep. A PDF file is a type of file commonly used for electronic tickets. You will recognize a PDF file if it has “.pdf” at the end of its file name.

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    Stubhub Tickets As Pdf

    When you list your tickets, you can let us know if you'd like to deliver them electronically by uploading your PDF files. Important. Do not create your own PDF files. For most events on StubHub, you'll deliver tickets to downloaders electronically by uploading your tickets (PDF files only). A PDF is a type of file commonly used for . Login to your TM account from your mobile device. Screenshot your mobile tickets and email them to yourself. From a desktop open the email.

    Here's a rundown of how the process works. StubHub — which is owned by site — now surpasses even primary ticket sales agents such as Ticketmaster. Ticket holders who want to list their tickets for sale on the site will first need to register and provide a valid credit card. This may seem counterintuitive since the registrant is selling and not downloading anything, but it's a requirement for "identification and verification" purposes. Once registered, you need to choose the event of your ticket, which is likely to be listed in the StubHub database. The website then asks you for the ticket numbers and seat locations as well as any notations on the tickets, such as an obstructed view. These days, most tickets are sold electronically — downloaded by the downloader as a PDF file, printed and presented as the physical tickets at the event. StubHub allows you to upload your PDF tickets directly to its website so that the downloader will receive the tickets instantly upon payment. StubHub makes a profit on the sale from both sides — from the seller as well as the downloader. The commission to the seller is usually 10 percent of the price, but the downloader also pays a premium on the seller's ticket price. You may be wondering how this is all legal in cases where the ticket price on StubHub is well above the list price. Most state scalping laws only refer to transactions — which occur at the actual location of the event — and those that prohibit off-site scalping often still allow a certain percentage of profit to be made before the activity is deemed illegal.

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    Login to your TM account from your mobile device. Screenshot your mobile tickets and email them to yourself.

    From a desktop open the email and save the picture of your mobile tickets to your desktop. Right click on each picture you've saved to your desktop and there should be an option that says, "Convert to Adobe PDF.

    If there is an easier or quicker way, I'm not aware.

    Selling Tickets On StubHub? Learn How

    I hope this helps. Here's what I do.

    I login to my Ticketmaster or Live Nation account on a mobile browser on my phone. For some reason the Ticketmaster app blocks you from taking screenshots of mobile tickets. The Live Nation app does not block screenshots but they have changed the appearance of tickets and it doesn't really properly display tickets on the app to take a screenshot.

    You can save them to G Pay or Apple Wallet but again they don't appear proportionately at least in G Pay to use those. I used to use Adobe Scan but recent updates to that app seem to have kind of screwed up the screenshot size after you email them to yourself so Office Lens works better IMO right now.

    Hope that helps.

    For example, if you had 4 tickets, the downloader could select if they want to download all 4, or just 2. If they download 2, your remaining tickets will still be up for sale. You can sell tickets in any quantity while still preventing being stuck with a single ticket. Then enter the section and row for your seats.

    Available section numbers will pop-up automatically as soon as you start typing. This is really useful when you are just trying to be speedy and go through the process of listing tickets to get completed sales history. Seat numbers are optional.

    Some teams and artists have been known before to cancel orders if fans are caught selling their tickets for more than resale. However, these tickets are allowed to remain on the Stubhub event page until the start of the event. Can I get in trouble for selling these tickets up to event start, considering the downloader would still need to print them? When you list tickets for an event that are PDF files that can be downloaded and printed, and you uploaded them at the time of the listing, it will stay up until the event start time.

    You would not be in trouble if a downloader decides to download them right before they fall off the site!

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